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Monday, February 12, 2007

Tonneau Covers

I'm looking to get a tonneau cover for the new Dodge Ram this spring. My father has one for his Dakota that attached very similar to the soft top on a Jeep. The problem is when it gets cold the material gets stiff and shrinks a bit. If you get it off, you'll never get it back on, as we found out when we were packing for our bear hunting trip last November. Lund and a couple other companies make a cover with the bows and frame built right in, so you just clamp it down to the bed rails. It folds up in 3 sections, and installs in minutes no matter what the weather.

The Lund is the Lund Genesis Tri Fold, and it's amazing how much of a range exists in pricing. At the cheapest, I have found has it for $282.74 with free shipping, and as high was 423.95 at Auto Parts Warehouse, with free shipping (gee, thanks, charge me and extra $140 but give me free shipping).

I was kind of amazed had it at all, let alone them being the cheapest by far. Remember when they sold books? And maybe CD's and movies? Now they are like the Super Walmart of the internet world.

Price list for Lund Genesis Tri Fold model 95064 for Dodge Ram 1500 Quad Cab short bed (6'3")
  • Summit Racing - $329.95
  • JEGS - didn't have it
  • Truck - $330.99, free shipping
  • Truck Stuff USA - 369.99
  • JC Whitney - $359.99
  • Auto Parts Warehouse - $423.95, free shipping
  • - $282.74, free shipping

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