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Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Beer Can Chicken

This is a yummy treat in the warmer weather. Speaking of warmer weather, who the hell turned off Global Warming? I was starting to enjoy the warm December, but now it's freakin cold!

Anyway, beer can chicken. Slow roasted on an open fire and still tender and juicy.

1. Fire up the grill. I like charcoal and wood chips, but you can use gas.
2. Rub the whole chicken with Montreal seasoning or any other spice you like. Salt, pepper, garlic powder is a nice simple rub.
3. Drink half a can of beer, leave the other half in the can.
4. Sodomize the chicken carcass with the can of beer, making sure not to spill any beer.
5. Prop up the bird on the grill so it looks like he's taking a dump. The can should be fully upright.
6. Cover up and let it sit until done.

Don't worry too much about overcooking, the evaporating beer will keep it moist.

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