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Thursday, August 24, 2006

Useful Windows Tips And Tricks

Here are some useful little tricks and tips I've found in Windows over the years.

Keyboard shortcuts (The Win key is the one with the Windows logo)

  • Win-E launches new Windows Explorer window
  • Win-R opens the "Run" dialog box
  • Win-M minimize all windows (show desktop)
  • Win-Shift-M restore all windows back
  • Win-D seems to do same as Win-M and Win-Shift-M, more of a toggle back and forth (no shifting necessary)
  • Win-U launch Utility Manager (for accessibility options)
  • Win-F launch Find or Search window
  • Print Screen Takes snapshot of entire desktop and puts into memory. Open Paint and then Edit -> Paste (control-v) to save as a bitmap file. Or you can paste it directly into a Word file, a new email, etc.
  • Alt-Print Screen Takes snapshot of only the active window. Very useful -- you don't know how many people I see taking snapshots of the entire screen and then carefully trying to cut out only the current screen.
  • Alt-<underlined letter on desired menu option> Accessing menus by keyboard
  • Alt-space Accessing the "Window" menu (the one with the application icon, and options for minimize, restore, close, etc.)

Backup Registry

  • Before installing anything potentially "dangerous" backup your Registry file. Good idea to back this up every month or so anyways. Win-R, type "regedit" and hit enter. Select Registry -> Export Registry File. Save it off to a safe place with the current date in the filename so you can restore if necessary.

NetMeeting on Windows XP

  • NetMeeting doesn't seem to be exist in XP anymore, but it does. Win-R then "conf" runs the installer/setup and creates the Start menu options.

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