Verse Of The Day

Thursday, August 24, 2006

As a new Christian trying to read and understand the Bible for the first time, I've found this website to be invaluable to my study. I just found it a few hours ago, but in that time it has been incredible. You can search any passages, in just about any language and any translation of the Bible. You can even show different translations and different languages side by side, for example comparing the King James Version, the New Internation Version, and the New American Standard Version side by side. This not only helps compare and contrast the various Bibles to see which one you might like to buy, but also provides better understanding and insight into the passage as you read the different translations. I never even knew so many versions existed, or what the reasoning or goal of the translations are/were. It's all explained on this site.

I've entered a search form over in the margin for you to try out a simple search, as well as an updating verse of the day at the top of this page. There is even a Firefox toolbar that lets you search this site.

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