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Thursday, February 23, 2006

Some CSS Resources

Today, instead of just using CSS (cascading style sheet) elements that others in the group have already built, I had to make my own for a cruddy little user-requested feature of our flagship app.

There was one little feature I needed help with so I did a Google search, and came up with two resources that were helpful and cool.

One is a 2-page PDF file that when printed is a tri-fold quick reference card for CSS. The link to that puppy is:

The other tidbit of info is cool because it is setup to be readable on your iPod. Most iPod since the 3rd gen and iPod mini have had the ability to store text notes and contacts. You unzip this directory and drop it in your iPod’s “notes” directory. Then you can scroll through the menus and pick the elements you need more info on. You never know when you might have to whip up some CSS style sheets and you don’t have your handy reference card. You can rock out to Killswitch Engage while building the next great web portal. Link is:

As a side note about CSS, it’s a lot more powerful and useful than just fonts and colors, as I have found out. As a programmer it is nice to see presentation and information separated as much as possible, which is why I kind of like XML and XSLT (as much of a pain as it is).

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Here's a quick tutorial as well.