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Monday, February 13, 2006

Software Development Tools

Here's a quick list of some of the tools I use for various aspects of software development and debugging. Some of these I use all the time (daily), and others fill a niche need that arises once in a while.
  • Notepad++ - Free Source code editor, with a lot of nice features, but a lot smaller and faster than a full-blown IDE. Link

  • NetBean - Open Source Java IDE (and development framework)Link

  • Eclipse  - Open Source IDE (and development framework) Link

  • MyEclipse Enterprise Workbench - Set of commercial plugins to add a lot of J2EE functionality to Eclipse Link

  • Vim (gvim) - Nice GUI version of of an "improved" vi editor clone Link

  • Ethereal - Network Protocol analyzer Link

  • MQJExplorer - Websphere MQ management tool. Simple but powerful Link

  • TortoiseCVS - Open Source CVS client that features integration with Windows Explorer. Link

  • MC4J - GUI tool for remote JMX administration Link

  • JProbe Profiler - Java Profiler tool from Quest Link

  • DJ Java Decompiler - Java Decompiler. Used to be free, now it seems to be shareware. Link

  • Jboss - Open Source J2EE Application Server and more Link

  • TOAD - Tool For Oracle Application Developers. Also versions for SQL Server, MySQL. There's a free version and commercial version. A lot nicer than the SQL Plus command line. Link

  • PuTTY - A Free SSH and Telnet client for Windows Link

  • Cygwin - Unix-like environment for Windows, complete with all the command line favorites and XFree86 support. Link

  • SysInternals Utilities - This site has a lot of useful utilities for Windows, like TCPView, Process Explorer, etc Link

  • ArgoUML - Free open source UML editor that can be downloaded or run via Java Web Start Link

  • Cooktop XML - Free XML editor for Windows Link

  • Butterfly XML - Another free XML editor, very simple and stripped down. Link

  • MarrowSoft Xselerator - A very nice commercial tool for working with XML and especialy XSL stylesheets and transformations, and FOP.Link

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