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Thursday, May 28, 2009

Emergency Startup CD for Windows

BartPE, because sometimes you actually have to run Windows.

If you have Windows and your system did not come with a "rescue", "restore", or "emergency startup" type CD (yes, I'm talking to the cheap bastards at Dell who don't include the Windows CD), then you NEED to follow the instructions at This creates a bootable "BartPE" CD with all the right utilities for fixin' what ails ye.

Do it now! Before you need it, not after. I learned the hard way, and after this past week, I can't sing the praises of BartPE enough. It was a life saver.

My wife's laptop booted to a BSOD when I was trying to VPN in to work. Oh well, a night off....but then it kept doing it, over and over. I couldn't get Windows to start for the life of me.

Since I didn't have a bootable Windows CD, I was left trying to boot FreeDOS from my thumbdrive (using LiveUSB Creator) . I made sure to have a copy of NTFS4DOS installed on there as well, and ran through some exercises where I got a command prompt to manually copy registry files around. That was painful, but it actually worked enough to get the machine to boot into XP. But it was a version of XP that had all sorts of issues, error messages, drivers crashing, no USB support, no CD recording, no network, etc. Without USB, network, or CD burning, I couldn't get our important files off the machine.

Anyway, to make a long story short, the FreeDOS/ntfs4dos route was crappy and painful with no real reward.

The BartPE rocks the house! It boots into a minimal XP interface with all the right utilities for fixing your issues, and USB drives are recognized, so I can copy important files off the machine in case I feel the need to wipe it clean.

I guess I really should do regular backups, but what fun is that? Preventing problems is boring, solving problems is heroic....


Stoner said...

You should get a DriveWire, too. It turns any traditional IDE/SATA/PATA drive into a USB drive. I've saved "broken" computers a couple times with mine.

Robb said...

Something like that is a good idea, for $40 it would be a good addition to the toolbox.