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Tuesday, January 20, 2009

My RAZR Woes

My Motorola RAZR v3m phone I have had for a year and half suddenly started acting strange last week. I noticed every time I went to use it, it was turned off, but the battery had a full charge. Then I started paying more attention, and noticed that it would suddenly lose all signal and the screen would go all white for split second and come back, but then the keypad seemed to be frozen -- I couldn't get it to do anything. From there, it would either turn itself off or "reboot" itself (went back to main screen and was OK for a while.

Also, while trying to save pictures in anticipation of the phone either being replaced or flashed, the phone would completely lock up when I inserted the micro-SD card. I had been using this same micro-SD card for almost a year with no issue. Another thing I noticed was now all my contacts show a group of a single, solid "block" character instead of "family", "work", etc.

The phone has not been wet and has not been dropped or otherwise abused. The battery is holding it's charge just fine. The strangest part is that we haved the same model phones at work for our on-call phones. My group's on-call phone started having the same symptoms around the same time mine did. And now I am hearing of at least one other group here having the same issues with their RAZR. From that, I concluded this has to be a more widespread problem, but the lady at the Verizon store refused to even look into it. The phone is out of warranty, so wouldn't do any troubleshooting -- just the offer to buy a new one or wait a month until my contract is eligible to upgrade.

If I were more paranoid and prone to believing conspiracy theories, I might think Motorola put in some sort of "upgrade timer" to break right around the time people are eligible to upgrade their phones. It's probably more likely that there is a Zune-type "leap second" bug in the firmware.

Model: v3m
s/w: NEWC_01.09.02
Date code: 1407


Robb said...

And now I get the scary red text on black background when trying to send a text msg:

Fatal Error



Line #311

Chuck said...

Motorola just isn't what it use to be! I can remember all the issues we dealt with when I was a service tech for Bell Atlantic back in the early 90's and they first came out with clam shell style phones! Now you know why I'm Bald LOL!