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Monday, April 14, 2008

The BeanShell Servlet Filter Summary

OK, now that I step back and look at this post I wrote a few days ago, I realize I use too many words, tend to blather on and on and on.

So to summarize:
  • What's the point? It's a Java Servlet Filter that delegates to BeanShell scripts to do the actual Filter work.
  • Does it really work? Yes. I am currently running it in Glassfish, but should work in any Java servlet container. It's still just a proof-of -concept and needs to be cleaned up to make it production ready.
  • Where's the code? Of course, you still have to go to that post to see the code, but you can skip the blathering on and on and on.
  • What's the point? Well, just because it can be done I guess. My theoretical ramblings on "why" are what made the post so long in the first place.

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