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Monday, October 01, 2007

Let's Rock

All right, my wife's at work, my kids are in bed, Lexi is sleeping. I've got Dead Poetic on my iPod, XAMPP on my thumb drive, and a brilliant new MySQL database schema created for my new bastard stepson of a side project. Time to generate some scaffolding! For this top secret project, I will write the back-end admin stuff using Ruby on Rails. For the front end, I haven't quite decided yet. I'm just not sure how RoR scales up for an external facing website, and for what I am doing it might be easier to use Java anyways, as I can write a few JSP tags to use on any of the pages, and use Velocity as the templating engine to build the special configuration page.

Then again, I just got paged for a work issue, and that trumps side projects. DAMMIT!

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