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Tuesday, September 04, 2007

RubyScript2Exe - The Ruby Compiler

I've been playing with RubyScript2Exe ( lately, and it's pretty sweet. It's a Ruby "compiler" to generate executables from your Ruby scripts. Since it embeds the Ruby runtime and any libraries in the executable, even simple scripts can "bloat" up to bigger sizes than you might expect, but if distribution is your thing, so what?

Maybe you want to share some of your cool scripts and development tools you've created, but can't count on your intended audience having Ruby installed (what's wrong with them, anyways?), or maybe it would take too long to explain what Ruby is and how to run the scripts. Or maybe you just don't want people screwing with your perfect source code. Or perhaps, you are ashamed of your trashy, hack-n-whack coding?

Whatever the reason, this thing is the nuts. Just download a single rubyscript2exe.rb script and run it against your app. I've only tried it on single files on Windows so far, but it is supposed to create Linux executables as well, and will allegedly work on more complex, multi-*.rb-file apps.

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