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Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Resetting Google Desktop Search Index

Resetting Google Desktop Index

I ran into an issue where Google Desktop told me my index was at its max size. Crappers, I'm not done doing stuff on this PC, so I'm screwed from this point on. Of course, GDS docs tell you to uninstall and reinstall -- what a pain.

A quick Google search brings up Scott Hanselman's blog entry ( ) that tells you how to reset without uninstalling. Basically, just shutdown GDS, and then whack the files under your C:\Documents and Settings\ <username> \Local Settings\application data\Google\Google Desktop Search directory. He mentions "some long number" and files that begin with "sidebar_*.*", but my version of GDS didn't have any of that.

Once you restart GDS it will start from the beginning. This is great because I was getting search hits for stuff I deleted long ago.

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